MIMAS was built by a consortium of Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford Computer Consultants, Alchera Technologies, Immense Simulations and Zipabout. MIMAS is procured through Box5 Transport Consultants Ltd.

Oxford Computer Consultants specialise in the delivery of innovative custom software solutions.

With extensive commercial experience and strong numerical and scientific backgrounds, our developers work with our UX design team to produce technically strong solutions that are sleek and intuitive. We pride ourselves in commercialising low TRL software and inspiring new ideas. Understanding our users’ needs and collaborating with partners lies in the core of our culture. User research and workshops are instrumental in discovering how our software will benefit users.

We have considerable experience in systems integration for many projects, including those containing infrastructure systems of critical national importance. We also bring experience of integrating and visualising Immense Simulations’ agent-based transport model. Having previously led a large consortium (at a European-level) in the development of complex niche software, OCC are looking forward to delivering the Oxfordshire Mobility Model.

Immense Simulations is an intelligent mobility enabling software company, revolutionising how transport stakeholders use simulation to make data-driven decisions about future mobility.

We have built a flexible, cloud-hosted Simulation-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides access to detailed, persistent and predictive data-driven ‘worlds’ to enable advanced strategic and operational decision support for city planners, mobility service operators, land developers and infrastructure providers. By integrating, synthesising and enhancing existing mobility data from disparate sources we accelerate time-to-decision and enable enhanced infrastructure design and operation through scenario testing.

Our simulation software helps decision-makers anticipate future uncertainty about the movement of people, vehicles and freight through providing evidence around the deployment of connected and autonomous vehicles, the implementation of smart infrastructure, the location of new housing developments and the adoption of new mobility services. 

Alchera Technologies is an AI software startup providing the intelligence layer that enables road infrastructure to be operated and optimised dynamically, in real-time. 

Our turnkey platform, Alpha, is cloud AI software that makes millisecond-latency, accurate, auditable mobility data possible — at very large (country/ city) scale. We pull from existing sensor, camera & connected-vehicle networks and analyse these using ML data fusion models to create information more up-to-date, relevant and accurate than original sources. This enhances the use of customers’ existing, future and 3rd party sensors feeds. Real-time data feeds, predictions & alerts are delivered via a configurable API; pre-analysed, pre-fused and error-corrected to allow easy use in a range of applications. 

For OMM, Alpha will form the real-time data environment to host and analyse existing mobility data – including traffic loops, camera feeds (using computer vision) and mobile. This will feed into Immense’s agent-based model to continually improve the accuracy and robustness of simulation results.

The Zipabout Connect platform is currently deployed with a number of large transport operators across the UK to provide real-time data generation, personalised communication and behavioural analytics at scale. The platform has also supported a number of multi-modal data trials with Oxfordshire County Council.  

For OMM, the Zipabout Connect platform will deliver real-time behavioural data for transport users across the region through integration with existing local transport information systems and, our proprietary web/app based journey information platform. This module allows local authorities to provide better quality information to their constituents, while seamlessly feeding unique, aggregated user behaviour and travel intent data into the wider OMM platform. 

The Zipabout Connect platform will also provide a unique mechanism to disseminate and test models generated by the OMM platform in real-world trials, through its native integration with popular social media channels such as Messenger and Twitter.

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